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Hi, I'm Betty from the Customer Success Team! What struggle do you deal with?

Now, watch this video to learn how InsurCompare solves your struggle!

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Thanks Isaac, I'm Liya. If you aren't convinced, here are some more benefits!

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  • No fees to setup and use
  • Marketing fee available
  • Social Media templates ready to post
  • Email campaign templates
  • Links to embed in your content
  • Login to your own dashboard
  • Monthly conversion reports

Are You a Non-Profit?

  • Generate Non-Donor Dollars

Are You in Corporate HR?

  • Offer Employee Perks
  • Generate Marketing Dollars

Are You a Chamber or Association?

  • Generate Non-Member Fees
  • Member Benefits Perks

Are You Increasing Customer Value?

  • Sweeten the Deal
  • Maintain Your Costs

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